How To Solve Google Friend Connect Not Displaying

Google Friend Connect instantly awakens and strengthens the community that visits your site by enriching it with social features. But can't you see Google Friend Connect gadget in your blog after adding it. If yes, follow the steps given below:

Google Friend Connect
Google Friend Connect Widget

Login to your Blogger dashboard --> Design --> Edit HTML (if you are using Blogger new interface go to "Template" --> "Edit HTML").

Scroll down to where you see the </b:skin> tag of your template.

Now copy below code and paste it just after the </b:skin> tag.

<script type='text/javascript'>

parse: function(string) {
    return JSON.decode(string);
stringify: function(obj) {
    return JSON.encode(obj);


Look the the image:

Google Friend Connect Not Displaying Solution
Add The Code Like This

Save your template. Also already if you can see above code in your template, cut it and paste it just aftertag.

Refresh your site.

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