How To Configure Numbered Page Navigation

When you upload a template to your blog, you have to configure page navigation properly.

For example, if you want to show 8 posts on home page first go to "Settings" --> "Formatting". (if you are using Blogger new interface go to "Settings" --> "Posts and comments")

Change "Show at most" property as 8. save the settings.

Now go to "Design" --> "Edit HTML". (if you are using Blogger new interface go to "Template" --> "Edit HTML"). click on "Expand Widget Templates". find this:

var postperpage=4;

Look at the image below:

Numbered Page Navigation
Numbered Page Navigation

Now change the above line as,

var postperpage=8;

Save the template. now navigation will work correctly.

4 thoughts on “How To Configure Numbered Page Navigation

  1. I have done this, but when I get to about page 5 of my navigation, it only shows 8 posts per page for a while - how can I fix this? My Blogger settings are set to 10 per page, and I changed the code to 10 per page, so why does it change after a few pages? Please email me with any resolve. Thank you!

  2. I am using the following template for my blog-

    Already page navigation script is included in the template. I have set to show 10 posts per page and I have configured the HTML. But, no older posts are showing in the 2nd page. Please give a proper solution for this.

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