Template Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest to sponsor our Blogger Templates.

How this can be done?
Simple, we will design a template / theme for you, will place your links on template / theme footer, and will promote it on our site and submit to all major template directories (like btemplates.com, zoomtemplate.com, blogtemplate4u.com,...).

Every time someone download a template and use it, you will get backlinks, more backlinks you get, better position you will have on Google and other search engine and will increase your Alexa rank rapidly.

As you see from our published templates / themes, we can place from 1 to 4 links on each template.

How much this cost?

We charge:
$20 per Blogger Template (1 links available)
$50 per Blogger Template (4 links available)

All payments are one-time and your links will stay forever in the sponsored templates / themes.

Payment Method:
We accept payments through PayPal and Credit card.

Are our templates popular?
Yes, Our templates receive higher number of downloads daily.we believe that our templates are popular, you can check download stats on download page.

Also, our templates are featured on major template directories like:


Do you have questions?
We are happy to answer, feel free to contact us.