How To Configure a Navigation Menu

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In this tutorial,I am going to explain how to configure a navigation menu of a template.This tutorial Not Only for below navigation menu configuration,But Also this will helpful to configure any CSS navigation menu.

For example lets look at how to configure below navigation menu.

Blogger Navigation Menu

Login to your Blogger account → "Template" → "Edit HTML" of your blogger blog.

Find the word "Advertise".(using Ctrl+F keys)

You can see like this code:

Blogger Navigation Menu Code

Change the name "Advertise" if you want.In this example I do not change the name "Advertise",Because I have a advertise URL.

Replace "#" mark with the URL you want to go when click on the name "Advertise".

My Advertising URL is ""

So I replace "#" mark with the my Advertising URL.After doing this it will look like this:

Blogger Navigation Menu Code Configure

Now I have configured "Advertise" link of above navigation menu.Other links (Contact,Support,About) configurations are also same to this method.So you can configure all navigation links very easily.

Look at the example below:

Blogger Navigation Menu Configured

Note : You do not need to change "Home" URL,because it is automatically linked to your homepage.

After doing this changes save your template.

I think this easy tutorial will helpful for you.

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56 Responses to “How To Configure a Navigation Menu”

  1. it is really helpful , i was having 0 % knowledge of HTML .. BUT NOW I CAN SAY I KNOW some HTML .. thanks alot .

  2. Hello...

    I cut this section of code and add it to a widget located in the top..

    Is more easy to modify...

    P.D. Can do this with the gallery Please? Thanks

  3. please help me with the content slider and how do i change my picture. can i pull my picture from a website or does it have to be hosted somewhere

  4. Nice Tutorial....?? Very good for beginners who do not understand about following suit.? Thanks

    I postingkan also on my blog 😀

  5. I have remove the navigational menu but the problem is the content slider stopped working after that.

    I'm using MobileApps template. Do you have any idea why?

  6. Hi fellow bloggers

    Like to ask how can I remove the 2nd navigational menu. as I plan to use google page widget instead?

    Thank you

  7. I'm trying to use the Revize template and have followed the instructions here. However when I click on the tabs I get the message, Page Not Found. How do I get the tabs to have pages? When I clicked on them prior to doing this all that appeared was code.

    Thanks for help!

  8. I've tried a few times to do follow your instructions on customising the blog template and to be honest they are very vague and unhelpful as a result I've wasted a lot of my time for not much gain!

    • Hi, I had this problem also until I got mad and figured it out.
      Go to html and search

      Scroll down or copy and you will see <img src=
      after that you will see a url that was posted erase it

      now open another tab and go to the post picture you would like to use
      copy the picture url and paste it where you erased the previous url save template and there you go.

      If you have any questions you can write me at

  9. Hi! I used you theme for this site: 🙂

    Also, I want to say that you guys are awesome. Thanks you!

  10. Gracias Lasantha, la estoy montando en este blog:

    Muchos exitos y muchas bendiciones, que el señor le multiplique y lo prospere.

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