AndroidPhone Blogger Template

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AndroidPhone Blogger Template

Template name : AndroidPhone

Template type : 1 Sidebar, 2 Column, Adapted from WordPress, Black, Elegant, Featured Section, Fixed width, Green, Header Banner, Magazine, Right Sidebar, Rounded corners, Slider, Top Navigation Bar, Web 2.0, Phones, Mobiles

Release date : July 14, 2011

Coder/Designer Name(s) : Lasantha Bandara / New WP Themes

Coder/Designer URL(s) :

Basic Instructions : How to install a Blogger template

Advanced Details :

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11 Responses to “AndroidPhone Blogger Template”

  1. Can I change the name of the home menu, business, etc?
    and can I change the pictures on the header?
    if you can, please tell me how to do that ...

  2. Hello This template is very good am using on my blog, but it is emerging a problem regarding the following pages, on the main page I have put 10 entries are fine, but when I go to page 2 I get 4 tickets only and out repeatedly, the same from page 1, and so on.
    Can you help me solve this problem as soon as possible ...
    And pardon the translation was done in google ...

  3. @septian: yes, you can do all that. Log in to your dashboard, go to edit html, find the line contain the text you want to replace (except the credit at the footer, of course)
    to change the picture at the header, just go to "lay out", choose and edit the title and description, upload your image and choose "placement: instead of title and description", and you're done!

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