Google Friend Connect Not Displaying : Problem Fixed

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More my template users told me their Google Friend Connect gadgets are not displaying correctly.So I tried to fix this problem and finally I found the solution for this.If your Google Friend Connect gadget is not displaying, then follow the simple steps given below:

Login to your Blogger dashboard --> Design --> Edit HTML.

Scroll down to where you see the </head> tag of your template.

Now copy below code and paste it just before the </head> tag.

<script type='text/javascript'>

parse: function(string) {
return JSON.decode(string);
stringify: function(obj) {
return JSON.encode(obj);


Save your template and you are done.

Update :

If your problem is not solved yet, add above code just after </b:skin> tag.

Also already if you can see above code in your template, cut it and paste it just after </b:skin> tag.

When your problem is fixed, please don't forget to leave a comment.


29 Responses to “Google Friend Connect Not Displaying : Problem Fixed”

  1. Eduardo Helfer says:

    Please, can you help me? Google Friends Connect/Followers not displaying. I have already tried the proceedings above.

  2. Melmo says:

    well mine is still not working :/ Can you help me?

  3. Sydney says:

    Thank you!! With mine, I had to delete the above code that was already there - above "/head" and then move it below "/b:skin".

  4. san says:

    how I change the images on my slideshow? where images in my slideshow cache?

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