GlossyBlue Blogger Template

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GlossyBlue Blogger Template

GlossyBlue is Minimal 2 Columns Blogger Template for Technology, News Blogs. GlossyBlue Blogger Template has a Top Navigation Menu, Related Posts, RSS Buttons and 3 Columns Footer.

Template name : GlossyBlue

Template type : 1 Sidebar, 2 Column, 3 Column footer, Adapted from WordPress, Blue, Elegant, Fixed width, Green, Magazine, Minimalist, News , Right Sidebar, Top Navigation Bar, Web 2.0, White

Release date : February 11, 2014

Author Name and URL : Lasantha Bandara /

Original Designer URL :

Basic Instructions : How to install a Blogger template

Advanced Details :

How to Configure GlossyBlue Blogger Template

Read instructions given below to configure GlossyBlue Blogger Template.

How To Add Links to Top Navigation Menu

Go to "Layout". Click on "Edit" link of "Edit This Menu" widget.

Now add your links to that link list widget.

How To Solve Post Date "Undefined" Error

Blogger Post Date Undefined Error

Go to "Settings" --> "Language and formatting".

Select "Timestamp Format" (not "Comment Timestamp Format") from drop-down menu similar to "Monday, February 10, 2014" format.

Click on "Save settings" button.

Important !!!:

Do not remove the footer credits. This GlossyBlue Blogger template is free for both personal and commercial use. However, you are required to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its designers and authors.


3 Responses to “GlossyBlue Blogger Template”

  1. says:

    good combination between green and blue colors. clean & simple though not responsive. but thanks for sharing.

  2. Hazrul says:

    I like it. Done convert to this template within minutes. Good job guys!

  3. dhico velian says:

    Thanks for sharing. I like themplate it

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