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New Blogger Template Design (Price Starting Cost: $ 75.00 USD)

Do you want to create an unique blogger template for your blog? Do you have many ideas for a new theme design? Tell me your requirements. I can create a great looking custom blogger template for you. You will certainly get satisfied!!!

New WordPress Theme Design (Price Starting Cost: $ 100.00 USD)

Do you want an unique WP design? I can do a custom design accroding to your needs with clean and valid codings.

Convert from WordPress to Blogger (Price Starting Cost: $ 50.00 USD)

Do you want to convert a WordPress theme to blogger to add it for your blog? I can do it for you.Just send me your WordPress theme and I will return the blogger version of that theme.

Convert from Blogger to WordPress (Price Starting Cost: $ 80.00 USD)

Do you want to convert a WordPress theme to Blogger? I will create a WordPress theme exactly similar to your Blogger theme. Just send me your Blogger theme and I will return the WP version of that theme.

Convert PSD / JPG / GIF to Blogger Layout (Price Starting Cost: $ 75.00 USD)

Just send me your Images files and I will convert it into a great unique blogger template just for you!

Customize Your Blogger Template (Price Starting Cost: $ 20.00 USD)

This service include to customizable your own blog, for example, if you want to change some features of your current blogger template like add another sidebar, split header,create footer,change header image, background image, slider for featured posts, change post content width etc.

Blogger Custom Domain Setup (Price is: $ 10.00 USD)

Did you buy a domain name for your Blogger blog ? I can setup your custom domain properly to work with Blogger.

Template Designer Compatibility (Price Starting Cost: $ 30.00 USD)

I can make your theme "Blogger Template Designer" compatible. You will be able to select colors from unlimited colors, select fonts from over hundered of fonts and change change background image very easily without editing any code in Edit HTML.

Search Engine Optimization (Price Starting Cost: $ 20.00 USD)

I will optimize your template for search engines like Google adding necessary data to your theme.

Theme Credits Removal

Do you want to use one of our Blogger template without our footer credits ? Please use the contact form to ask for permission.

Sell Your Templates on Our Site (Price is: $ 40.00 USD for 10 Days / $ 90.00 USD for 30 Days)

We will display your buy now templates(Blogger,WordPress,...) in our home page.
To display your template in our home page for price is 40$ (forĀ 10 days)
If you want to keep your template for 30 days in our home page, price will be 90$ (25% discount).
After that period your template roll to the next position/next page and It will keep for life time in our site.
You will get more sales if your template is real good.

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