Best Photography Blogger Templates 2018

Blogger is used by thousands of photographers, designers, and artists from all over the world to beautifully display their portfolio and photos. Are you also looking for best photography theme for your Blogger website? Check out our hand-picked list of the best Blogger themes for photographers for 2018.

Oliver Blogger Template
Oliver is a feature rich responsive blogger template with a homepage slider including touch support and a separate blog page for sharing your thoughts. The horizontal multi level menu is compatible with touch devices. The images on label and archive pages arrange themselves gracefully with change in screen size.
Studio Blogger Template
Studio Blogger Template is designed for photographers and picture studios. It presents your awesome pictures with minimum distraction. It has a separate blog section where you can write articles about your views or make announcements.
PicShots Blogger Template
Picshots blogger template is designed for showcasing your amazing pictures. This template is created for picture bloggers who love to share pictures. It comes with a light and a dark version which can be further customized with change of text colors, background colors, date/time icon colors and fonts.
Lara Blogger Template
Lara blogger template is strictly designed for photographers and picture bloggers. With just a fixed sidebar, all the focus is on the awesome images that you post. The template is fully responsive and there is a nice horizontal Menu that expands vertically when viewed on touch devices.
Photoland Blogger Template
Photoland is a Clear and Responsive Photo Magazine template for Blogger sites, very handy for beginners users. This template combines two simple colors, white and black, and it’s ideal solution for all Bloggers.
PhotoHall Blogger Template
PhotoHall is a responsive photography blogger theme. It’s the best choice for your blog if you are a photographer. You can use it to show your inspiration and creativity and abilities for capturing photos and use it as your awesome portfolio.
Avephto Blogger Template
Avephto is a responsive blogger template for creative people. It comes with clean and modern design with two styles. There are many features that this template comes with such as smooth scroll, unlimited colors, clean typography, fast loading and minified coding etc.
Verbose Blogger Template
Verbose blogger template is designed for photographers and picture bloggers. It is highly customizable with different fonts, text and background colors. You can easily add or remove short post snippet on home and category pages.
PhotoVid Blogger Template
PhotoVid is responsive highly customizable and professionally designed template for anyone who wants to make great website or blog, not only video/photography, it’s also 100% compatible for others blog or websites.
Photorama Blogger Template
Photorama is an new Blogger template for many uses. Can cover multiple pages. You can use it as a diary to share your photos in internet. It's responsive and easy to setup, very friendly with users.
NightStorm Blogger Template
NightStorm is a creative and responsive theme made for photoblog. It's heavily optimized to be one of the fastest theme ever, making it suitable on any devices, like smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. NightStorm is customizable and easy to set up.
Gema Blogger Template
Gema is an elegant, distraction-free canvas for showcasing photography. It helps you share moment, tell story and do sell in a way that’s engaging. Gema also features bold imagery, minimal design and perfectly calibrated white space to reduce common distraction, allowing visitor focus on your content.
LunarMist Blogger Template
LunarMist is a creative responsive theme made for photography personal blogging. This theme comes with many features, including Auto Carousel, Auto Post Summary, Layout Customizer and others.
Renee Blogger Template
Renee helps you set-up a perfect portfolio site with integrated sideblog entirely on Blogger. It comes in two version; portfolio and blog — adapt the same look and features, including; featured post, responsive and minimal design, overlay sidebar, working contact form, and new comment form UI.
NorthWind Blogger Template
NorthWind is a responsive and versatile theme made for photographers. With a cutting-edge full screen design, this theme is determined to showcase your awesome photographs in a premium way.